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area your your forecast is next. ,,,,,,
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it was like he had six arms. he was all over the place. >> new allegations of groping and questionable sexual conduct against trump. we are hearing from a woman said trump fondled her on a plane in first class. >> the new york times said it spoke to a couple of women accusing trump of touching them inappropriately. >> trump campaign is fighting back. lawyers released a letter demanding the new york times issue a retraction and apology. one of trumps accusers spoke with the new york times on camera. a 74-year-old said more than 30 years ago trump touched her inappropriately while sitting next to her in first class on a flight.
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>> somehow or another the armrest in the seat disappeared. it was a real shock when all of a sudden his hands were all over me. he started encroaching on myspace. and i hesitate to use the expression but i will. that is he was like an octopus. it was like he had six arms. if he had stuck with the upper part of the body, i may not have gotten that upset. when he started putting his hand up my skirt, that was it. that was it. i was out of there. >> there is more questionable trumped footage that cbs news has obtained from an episode of entertainment tonight in 1992. trump is talking to a group of 10-year-old girls at trump tower.
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>> this comes of course after the access hollywood tape surfaced from 11 years ago of trump bragging about sexually assaulting women. trump said several times it was just locker room talk. >> it was a bay area reporter whose investigation helped uncover the access hollywood tape. >> reporter: we found out the symphysis go based reporter for the associated press is the one who cracked open the story of the allegations against donald trump. she interviewed over 20 people about their interactions with him on the apprentice. >> we knew heading into publication we had a really strong story with more than 20 people talking about sexist and demeaning language that trump had used on the set of the apprentice. >> reporter: the article she wrote with him to define the presidential race in the final weeks of the election. >> a tale of sexual harassment on the set of his hit nbc
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reality show. she interviewed cast and crew who told her trump behavior toward women made them uncomfortable. >> talking about women contestants who he may want to sleep with even when he was married to his wife. ranking contestants by the size of their breasts. and also his apparent interest in one of the camera women. apparently he would talk about her body and discuss how beautiful she was and compare her beauty to that of his daughter. >> reporter: details so explosive that access hollywood producers read the story and went hunting for archived video. >> when you are a star they will let you do it. >> reporter: it is been very gratifying to see that this not only sparked colleagues at access hollywood to take action and go back into their own footage, but it has generated interest in the topic.
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>> reporter: tonight new allegations are surfacing. she believes this could just be the beginning. >> with mr. trump it turns out there is also a lot of tape. donald trump campaigned in florida today as hillary clinton urged republicans to mr. her side of the ticket. as we report, the russians are officially weighing in on the race for the white house. >> reporter: donald trump told supporters in florida isis is hoping and praying hillary clinton is elected so he can take over the u.s. so he can take over the u.s. >> the election of hillary clinton would lead in my opinion to the almost total destruction of our country as we know it. >> reporter: at a colorado rally clinton called trump desperate. >> they will use a scorched earth strategy. that is all they have left. pure negativity. pessimism. >> reporter: she urged republicans to back her.
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>> you have friends that are thinking about voting for trump, stage an intervention. i think it is a serious concern because friends don't let friends vote for trump. >> reporter: wikileaks released another 1900 emails a claims came from the account of clinton campaign chairman john podesta. the clinton camp said russia instigated the hack to benefit trump. >> they always blame russia and they say donald trump is friends with putin. >> reporter: rush in president question whether who did the hacking is really that important compared to the information contained in the links. u.s. intelligence officials say they are confident russia is behind the links. tomorrow hillary clinton will campaign in san francisco. she will hold a luncheon event at the billy graham auditorium. officials say there will be increased traffic and security in the area. tickets are available for the event in the range from $45 to tickets are available for the event in the range from $45-
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$50,000. one of the most powerful ceos in the bay area is out of a job. john stumpf is stepping down from wells fargo after defrauding thousands of americans. we spoke with one man who is determined to see the former ceo pay back every dime. >> reporter: he said wells fargo's ceo john stumpf step down is only a start. he wants to see wells fargo executives investigated and most importantly he wants the money made from fraudulent activity to be returned to the bank's shareholders. >> it is all about responsibility and how our society will conduct itself. >> reporter: wells fargo is being sued right and left by lawyers following a sales scandal that surfaced in
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september. 5300 employees were let go after admitting to taking part in a strategy known as cross selling where employees created fake accounts under existing bank customers names. >> over 2 million accounts were opened fraudulently. >> reporter: john stumpf kottke during a senate hearing when senator elizabeth warren told in the bank had not done enough. >> had you returned one nickel of the money you earned? >> i will take that is a no. >> reporter: california lawmakers were not as tough on wells fargo today saying the improvements are made in the state may do business with the bank. >> they are making the positive steps. the fact he decided to resign is welcome news. >> reporter: in the interim tim sloan will take over as wells fargo ceo. he most recently held the title of coo and has been with wells fargo for 29 years. it is on the way. it will be here soon. the bay area may
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be dry tonight but it is about to change. rain is coming. >> we are talking about rain that is crossed the oregon california border. rain is being picked up. by this time tomorrow night there will be a storm with origins 4000 miles away from hurricanes on the other side of the pacific. they are called typhoons they are but it is a significant storm with a plume of moisture stretching all the way across the pacific ocean. lots of rain and wind for the west coast. our first soaking rainfall for san francisco typically does not happen until late november or early december. if you are wondering if it is early, it is by about a month. not just rain we are talking about breezy conditions and high surf and a coastal flood
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advisory. all of this tomorrow night into friday morning. we will talk about rainfall totals and why the entire weekend is not a washout. tonight a man is behind bars on suspicion of starting a fire along a popular east bay trail. flames ripped through dry brush last night and the fire broke out along the east bay municipal utility trail in pleasant hill. firefighters got to the scene just in time to prevent it from spreading to nearby homes. today police arrested a 48-year- old. mark smith had been living as a transient. there have been at least 20 suspicious fires in that area recently. police have not said it smith is suspected of starting the other fires. taxpayer money is not supposed to be used to pay for the by state and bills. has it? a just-released report exposes what is really going on. samsung's new invention to make sure the smart phones do not explode. even when they are not being used.
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it is not just a robot warrior. it is a mega bought. we will tell you about the battle coming soon. courtesy of a bay area startup. ,,,,,,,,
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dollars were used to cover costs at levi's stadium ... which is against the law. but santa clara's police chf tells betty yu ... it's all a big misunderstan. we learned tax dollars were used to cover some of the cost at levi's stadium which is against the law. santa clara police chief said it is a big misunderstanding. >> we need to stop the bleeding immediately. >> reporter: we learned taxpayer money is being used to cover some operating expenses including police and fire fighting staffing at levi's stadium. as the santa clara mayor suspected. the city is waiting on the 49ers stadium management company to meet with an audit team and head over requested financial data and budget. this would allow the auditor to
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figure out just how much levi's stadium owes the city. >> it is really frustrating because i have been told at least for a year that we have been using general fund money to operate the stadium. which is against our measure and against the law. >> reporter: using taxpayer dollars to cover any cost at the stadium is in violation of voter approved measure j. stadium officials could be on the hook for a big bill. >> i think it is very important that people understand the was no intentional wrongdoing and there is different interpretations about what should be charged. >> reporter: heart of the problem may be kind of things are charged. city employees who work at the stadium used special codes on timesheets and the city bills the 49ers. this process led to some accounting errors. tonight as a special audit committee meeting the audit team announced and overall city directive to make uniform payroll rules across all departments. the auditor expects to know how just much money was used in
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december from the city's general fund when they present their final draft. a high-ranking san francisco firefighter is under investigation over sexual harassment claims. assistant deputy chief ken lombardi has been demoted to captain. he was the head of support services for the department. in charge of equipment and earthquake preparedness. sources tell us there were several cases of sexual harassment involving a female civilian who worked with him. >> i think as we let the story go on without telling sexual details we not only allow our reputation as the department to be tarnished, but more importantly heard the bond that is grow between our brothers and sisters over the last 30 years. >> that emotion comes on the heels of allegations last month of intimidation and hazing of a female firefighter at station to in chinatown. a report found that minorities were far more likely to be stopped and searched by san francisco police. the
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department of justice investigated sfpd following a number of deadly police shooting. the doj made hundreds of recommendations among them they include using comprehensive anti-bias training, improving tracking of the use of force, and becoming more transparent with disciplinary process. another recommendation is giving officers stun guns as an alternative to lethal force. right now stun guns are not used within sfpd. the police commission and other agencies are discussing the issue as they go over the doj's report . we know a small plane that crashed into the ground in connecticut was intentional. the plane burst into flames yesterday afternoon. two people on board the plane at the time was the flight instructor who survived but the student was killed. there was an altercation in the cockpit during the flight training and the instructor was unable to regain control of the
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aircraft from the student. officials believe the crash appears to be a case of suicide . samsung is spending fire resistant boxes for returns. the boxes are precautions against a possible explosions or fires as customers return the smart phones to retailers. samsung issued a warning to customers telling them to turn off their galaxy note 7 immediately because some replacement bones exploded. a giant robot built to challenge the only other giant robot in the world to a dual. >> as you may imagine the challenge was accepted. we got the inside scoop on how the bay area mega bot plans to win. >> reporter: behold the mega bot . in this warehouse a legend is being born. the next generation of giant fighting robots is being built by mega bot ink .
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>> we want to bring everybody's childhood dreams that feature the robots of science fiction to reality. >> reporter: the robot is mostly under wraps. >> this is one of the parts that will go on the robots arm. >> reporter: it will be slightly taller than the older robot. the 15 foot tall robot. >> this is a six inch diameter pneumatic cannon. >> reporter: the weaponry will be updated as they prepare for a fight. >> it is a combination of range weapons and melee combat weapons . originally we only had range weapons. that is part of the reason why we are building a new robot. >> reporter: the mega bot is operated by a human which sits in the torso of the robot. they are doing testing to make sure the cockpit is safe. the new mega bot youtube series shows just how serious they are. >> we want to make it as destructive and entertaining to watch as possible but he safe.
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>> reporter: they have not revealed the date of the fight against japan but when the object battle is complete they hope it will become the future of sports. >> we want many robots to roll into a stadium and battle each other in front of 60,000 people. >> reporter: science-fiction made nonfiction courtesy of some enthusiastic bay area engineers. the concord police k-9 officer who was stabbed by a man is home recovering. we are told there is nothing to suggest that the dog will not make it full recovery. police shot and killed a man yesterday. officers started chasing him to the k-9 after a call about a man being stabbed. the officers are on paid leave while the case is investigated. lighter shining on oakland. >> it is the annual autumn light kicking off. we got a
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preview. 100 local artists lit up the lake for a fundraiser. the artist were there to welcome visitors with music food and drinks. this is just the beginning. the festival officially opens tomorrow and runs through the 15th. polymer to work tonight in a weather robot. >> was there a dual? >> no. you may need a high profile vehicle coming up this weekend. it will get wet. do you know we are umbrella is? all of this up and coast of northern california is heading our direction. it will be when the but not a lot of damage. rough surface likely friday into the weekend. the high impact will be people
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driving friday morning. they are talking about a winter storm that may be around 80 miles per hour around the seattle. for us we will see gusts in excess of 30 miles per hour. the big story is the rainfall. somewhat abnormal for this time of year to get this much rain this early. let's talk about the timing. 11:00 tomorrow night the rain begins to impact mendocino lake county. tomorrow morning by rush-hour the heavy rain will move south of the golden gate into heyward and concord. pushing its way south. by friday evening the rain is over.
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most of saturday is dry before another wave of rain moves through on sunday. 3-5 inches of rainfall for the north bay. same story for the east bay. an inch or two. and inch of rain in the south bay. we are looking at 2-3 inches of rainfall. there is a bull's-eye in the mountains of northern california. 24 inches of rain is forecasted for this one spot by the oregon border. 70 tomorrow and try in oakland your 72 and concord. friday morning will be wet. saturday evening another rain shower moves through. sunshine will return by the middle of next week. for october, it will be rather stormy. it is definitely a unique research project. >> why california scientists are tracking this elephant seal.
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researchers are tracking a record-setting elephant sea. this is phyllis. santa cruz researchers are
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tracking a record-setting elephant seal. this is dallas. she has traveled are the west than any other elephant seal. during the eight-month migration elephant seals typically swim about 2000 miles . she has already covered 3700 miles. researchers say by the time she gets home in january she will have completed a 7400 mile adventure. the sharks pursued the stanley cup tonight. ,,,,,,,,,,
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season four months to th ost to the penguin quick summer for the sharks who dropped the puck after they lost to the penguins in the stanley cup finals. they hosted the kings who had a 1-0 lead. he knocks one off the post and scored. same score third-period. he buries it in the sharks win.
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the seventh straight win on opening night. 49ers restructured kaepernick's contract today. they will not go him any money next year if he gets hurt. while the starts against the bills on sunday, buffalo will be centered on mccoy and the coach. >> i am not talking to him. he cannot call me or shake my hand. there is nothing he can do with me. >> mccoy wanted no part of a pregame handshake last year with this fall but from kelly trading him from philadelphia to buffalo. he hinted at racism. kelly said he is over it. now that he is across the country mccoy maybe not. >> i don't care to shake their hand. or hold a long conversation about your children and all that your. >> steph curry was supposed to
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play with tiger woods at the safeway open today. instead they got varner. >> we did not talk much of basketball. he was not a fan. i am a lebron fan. i did not know what to say to him. it is no secret that patriot core tom brady is a big fan of donald trump's. and he came to trumps comments about locker room talk, brady had this response. >> how would you respond if they heard trumps version of locker room talk? >> have a good day. >> brady elected to punch that topic. the coach was all about it. >> trumps offering is lots of opportunities to have fun with
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our video session. >> i said some foolish things. >> we have famous presidential quote yesterday. you can figure out where it went from there. >> she has to go to jail. >> i reminded everybody to register to vote. >> i will guess he may be a democrat. we will be right back. ,, life and death. 600 dollars. of abuse.
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tomorr goodnight. that is it for us. the late show with stephen colbert is next.
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